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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 27, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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second and to max hd radar, this shows you where the rain is and isn't. 270 is dry, most of 66 is dry until you get farther back to the west and that is important. it looks like the evening now. port royal, oyal, and some showers for culpepers and this is moving to the east- northeast and you see the redline there? that is the warm erfront. to the east of that line over on where we are here in d.c., it's fairly mild, , muggy and warm a to the west notify -- west- northwest, it's cooler and more stable and along that mwarm w front is where we're getting showers and even some s thunderstorms firing up and p they will continue through the t evening hours and here's true view. to the south of us, rua ewlot o moisture and coming up out of
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north carolina and the heaviest should avstay to the east of i- and that being said, we i-have likelihood of more showers, thunderstorms and a potential of heavy rain later this ti evening and during the overnight and a flash flood watch flis in effect for everybody west of the t bay and this will run overnight into early, early tomorrow morning rn and things will dry out for us tomorrow and then we have a chance for more rain coming. mi the complete forecast in just a bit. shawn? aw >> thank you. you can ydepend on fox 5. head to for up-to- the-minute changes hp-on the n forecast, with live hd radar and a closer look at the stormso rolling through your neighborhood. today, d.c.'s most hofamous and momost powerful residents fielded a question on the en quality of education in the district. ri president obama sent his daughters to private schools but he still hoohad something say about public education in the district. and beth parker is live with ri more on the answer.
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beth? >> reporter: perhaps president e obama ruffled a few filters today. the -- feathers today toand thet resellity is that he said something speople knew already a reflorida woman appearing on nbcs "today show" hit the president t with the toughest a simplest question of the day. >> i wanted to know whether or not you think that melia and a sasha would get the same high-h quality, rigorous education in a d.c. public n school as compared to their very elite private academy itthat they're r attending now? >> i'll be blunt with you. g the answer yois no right now. the nod.c. public school system are struggling. li now, they have made important rt strides over the last several years to move in the evdirectio of reform. >> reporter: over the ctorpast three years, the d.c. secondary schools, ndmath proficiency jumped iefrom 27 to 43% and reading proficiency from an29 t 43%. the obama children go to 43a private school about where he tuition is $31,000 this year, a different situation for many
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urban public schools. >> in a public school, you may have -- making msure they're well-fed or studying at home n. private school studying, you may g,have kids well-fed and whose parents are invested in their education and edensuring r they're doing their homework wo and studying. you have a differentest is circumstances. >> reporter: d.c. ps stcerelease following statement: we appreciate the president t: recognizes idthe important step to reform that have been taken k at d.c. public schools. oo we're proud of the growth our students have shown during the last three years of reform and that growth m and the reforms or will continue until d.c. has the world-class public bl education system that the district's children deserve. er the president did say there are some, quote, terrific ar individual public schools in ol d.c. and in cities across the t country. folks we talked with said that this is trtha very exciting tim be a part of education because people are talking about how au improve schools in the u.s.
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and? some of that talk is with a new movie about it, necalled waitin for superman. >> people are itrmtalking about this, but the question is what o is the next step? st did the president have anythingi to say about that? >> hareporter: the president did mention the idea of a longer school year that is the ngcase a lot of other e countries that are top performers thin educati and there is talk tiof performance pay for teachers, something that has been era big debate in the bidistrict and so think that instead of individual states setting standards, there should tibe something nationalized to measure achievement across the board. ar >> interesting, thank you. yo to a developing story in montgomery county, maryland. la investigators are looking for a rapist after a woman was attacked on the side of the road and wisdom martin has more. >> n moreporter: investigators that this happened at 3:30 in the morning and that they were flagged down by a woman who was sexually is all-ed. the background was that llthe t
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investigators were told that she was socializing with the friend th tand left the area to walk to a 7-11 nearby to meet with another friend. en bev she got there, an unknown suspect grabbed her from owbehi and pushed her into the woods and sexually assaulted her. >> hthis is, obviously, a veryv traumatic situation for her and she was not able to get a r goo look at the suspect. ec and we have a limited suspect description at spthis time. unconfirmed race tof this male attacker believed to manumber h 20s or 30s and she describes ri him as short and with a medium d build. >> reporter: police say this ils a stranger-based attack. the victim didn't acknow her w attacker and said at this point, they don't believe the suspect e is connected to any a other crime in the area. shawn? >> wisdom arawmartin reporting live. thank you. the hunt is rton tonight foo a hit-and-run driver. investigators say the driver of a dark-colored sedan hit
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downiea alay near piney branch road saturday night. ig the victim is in serious io condition and police say the t hit-and-run vehicle is damaged.g if you have information, police want to olhear from you. a virginia community is in mourning after a sudden death of a star high school football player. ot the senior was found ay unresponsive this morning and maureen umeh is live with the h story. >> reporter: there is a orgreate sense of love and -- loss and grief. austin wasgr well-known and welw liked. his kefather a school board member and tonight, family and friends are trying to understand what happened. everybody was crying and wantedt him back. >> reporter: austin bawas a as senior at brentsville district high school riwhere he played ay football and he was a running back and linebacker. the past game was friday night c when he rushed three times for
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three yards in the loss to handa limit melissa is a longtime friend and watched the game ga saying austin was injured. >> he got a concussion juthat we're aware of on friday. da >> uh-huh. >> me and humy two friends saw s him get hit and walk off funny.n >> reporter: prince william ll county police say he was found unresponse of at his him early r monday morning. an investinigation is underway. and erschool officials wouldn'tn confirm a cause of death but tell fox 5 that his death doesn't deappear to be accidental. a statement was ntissued saying we're deeply saddened by the loss byof austin treman. the ancommunity is rallying around to the support of the family and most students thdidn want to dntalk to camera about their oclassmate and friend. he said everyone is in enshock and struggling to make sense sh the loss. >> he lowas the one person that everyone was friends with. he was funny wand could make anyone laugh and make them feel
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better. it's hard and everybody is fett taking it hard. ha >> reporter: grief counselors el were made available to students today enand will be here along the week. we maureen umeh, fox 5 news. ew >> a short time ago, austin's family released the statement saying inmein part that austin a wonderful son, brother and a grandson, he was deeply loved by his family and highly ig respected by his teammate, friends and classmates and a funeral arrangements are being made at this point. pothis massive fire here destroyed three homes and damaged five others last friday in monan -- monasses. tonight, 11 people can't go home ribecause ofss 'tall the dm here and they're getting help from hthe red cross. over the weekend, investigatorsa determined the fire was sparked by someone who threw a cigarette into a planter. anthe redskins season began with an emotionallen with gaoveo the cowboys and turned sour. so back-to-back losses for the burgundy r and gold including
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yesterday's udloss to the underdog rams. am dave feldman is here with the mood h of the team. te >> reporter: somber, shawn. ha sometimes the numbers don't lie and prior to yesterday, the t rams lost the last 49 home h games and 27 of the last 28 overall and stwe know what happened in st. louis. the redskins fell behind from the ui fget go. g and broke one on second and 49th, 42 ndyards for the touchdown and rams jump thjumpe to jua 14-0 lead and credit the redskins for taking the lead and the rams responded with the final 16 points of the game and before the game-winning touchdown in the third quarter t and redskins surrender 30 points and erlose and today, so st. louis blues. >> i think blgiven the 14-point cushion there, that really hurts. we oialrthave to feet back and end, they tired out. >> oufeels like we're not as bab as we might think it is because
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if we're losing, i feel we have to put it htogether and keep working. >> rkvery frustrating. ti frustrating. we have a couple of ingood play santana and cooly ayand run plays, ruyou, guys putting up b yards from ryan and clinton. again, you know, this is one that is obviously disturbing for us nt obion the offensive si and because we're better than what we showed. ow >> next up for mcnabb and the t skins, the old team the eagles in philly. ll i wonder if he'll be asked as about that this week. at 6, a new welook and a nee attitude for gilbert arenas. na wizards media day. da stay tuned. laura. >> and looking tuurforward to t thank you. who is not looking for ayow to save these days? the common wealth ayis promisin a sisales tax holiday. don't miss a breakdown liof the products you can buy for less just ahead. and look out delta, el american air and southwest is moving into a local airport.
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what that means for oryour next flight. we're live. neigli. before you get behind the wheels, put your cell phone down. maryland is about to go hands free and is that law tough enough? keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is just getting started. 
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
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>> we're following breaking news rights now out of baltimore. that is where firefighters are searching through the rubble at this hour, searching through a collapsed building. this happened in west baltimore along druid hill avenue. a witness told police that he saw a woman standing in front of the building when it fell. firefighters are using thermal imaging systems and are picking through the debris by hand and are looking for victims that might be there and there is no report of injuries. we'll keep you posted and we're staying on top of that story. if you like travelling on southwest airlines, you may not have to travel all the way to bwi or dulles airports anymore. southwest is flying out airtran
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airways if the deal is approved. the airline will be flying out of reagan national and matt ackland is live at the airport. i know a lot of people are excited this one. >> reporter: i know i am excited, sean and -- shawn. we all like to fly southwest. you can't beat the customer service, no bag fees or change of flight fees and a lot of folks don't want to travel and go of yet a year, year and a half and those planes will be landing and taking off here at reagan national. and it already carries more passengers. with a $1.4 billion tentitive deal, southwest airlines will take over another low-cost airline, increasing the presence in the northeast and atlanta. >> we were surprised and this caught us off. >> reporter: this airline expert said that southwest went after airtran because of its presence in airs that are
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nearly impossible to acquire new gates and reagan national, new york's laguardia and boston's logan airport to name a few and now southwest can go head-to-head with delta and atlanta where airtran has the hub. >> and this is huge for them. you have them and the caribbean and southwest is getting 10 years worth of growth out of this merger. >> he's on the way back to atlanta, flies airtran often. >> i am praying the service will continue to be great and our flights will be on time, and most of all, we get reasonable rate and air fair. >> reporter: jenkins said don't bit on it. -- bet on it. remember, airtran is a low-cost airline. >> smart move on the part of southwest, and i think you will
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see some -- southwest come out of this that is incredible. >> and what happens next? the government needs to sign off on this and stockholders have to agree as well and that is not seen as a major problem. when it comes to where southwest will fly out of reagan, i talked to a spokesperson period touchdown and she said they haven't come up with a plan yet and they should be announcing things, at least a couple of months before starting service here and back to you. >> matt, what happens to all the airtran employees if the deal goes through? >> we always reported on other mergers, especially with airlines and a lot of people lose their jobs and not in this case. it's a good deal for airtran employees. airtran is one of the lowest- paying airlines out there and southwest is one of the highest- paying airlines out there. in two years, year and a half, those employees will likely be making more money. >> and they're probably celebrating. if you .
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would like to save some, if replacing your appliances, the virginia sales tax holiday starts and they must cost less than $2,500 include refrigerators, washing machines and you can see a full list of the appliances by going to our website, and we're following a developing story out of the midwest. the families forced out of their homes and some say it's the worst flooding they have seen. >> and that is emotional rollercoaster ride. >> reporter: people living in the western wisconsin town of arcadia are being allowed back into their home and it's been several days of waiting out the flood waters. about 100 southeast and all eyes are on a levee along the
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wisconsin river. >> and my main concern is how much are they going to have and how much damage are we going to have? >> and right now, it's up to the floorboards and the water's knee deep and it's getting higher. >> and they're trying to keep the water out and that is taking a lot of team work and it crested send. >> there has been a lot of people in town and there are people throg help you out. >> reporter: 10 miles away in fingerprint, it's the worst flooding the area has seen since 1993. >> it is a lot of water. >> allison seymour, fox 5 news. and we're dealing with our flash flooding watches. >> no warnings. a few flash flood warnings
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after heavier rain and late in the morning and early afternoon. all of that is discontinued and cancelled. there is a potential we could have more flash flood warnings, too. max hd radar shows you most of the rain continues to be to the west of us and lining up to the east of i-81 and winchester is getting very, very good rain here and to the south i. again, we're staying dry for now and that is going to be changing this evening and overnight. let me show you max true view and that tap of moisture takes it into the gulf of mexico and for the most part, into the caribbean as well and this is the forecast this evening. the showers and thunderstorms, again, not everyone is getting wet through all of these hours and we will have them in the area and everyone gets wet again and when will this batch of rain shut off and another is
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coming later on in the week and talking about that. >> thank you. catholics are invited tomorrow to see the relics of same saint john bosco. the 1800-pound glass casket arrived and that coptapes the saint known as don bosco. the nose and tissue are with the replica and you can go to and click on details. getting your children on the right track for college is about more than bringing good homes for grades. >> that's right, state versus private, out of pocket and loans. how much will it cost to get your kids the best education possible. and also ahead tonight, anyone who suffers from migraines know that they can be debilitating. scientists may have the key to turning off that pain. that is next. 
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[music throughout] finding what you love makes you happy. saving up to 60% every day makes you homegoods happy. ♪ tell it to go on
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hoping -- helping people with hd -- adhd and memory problems, a brand-new brain game might be
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helping them increase their focus. here's more on how this new therapy works. >> light blue. red. red. >> reporter: this former college professor is now becoming a student. >> things that i do perfectly well were not there anymore. >> reporter: he couldn't remember where he put his keys with information he studied for decades -- decades. >> was forgetting a lot of facts, names of poets and poems. >> reporter: that let him here. with each click of the mouth, he's stimulating the parts of the brain that will help him know. >> and that is like taking your brain to the gym and working it out. >> reporter: she uses brain train for kids and adults to help attention deficit, memory problems and to improve process speeds. >> you start off for short amount of time and as you play, the games get longer and longer
5:26 pm
and whole you will pay attention after playing for a couple of weeks, you sustain for five or six minutes at a time. >> reporter: and while it doesn't replace stimulus rules, it helps some adhd patients avoid them in the first place. >> and i have seen folks not needing to start medication. they have done well enough. >> and the brain train improved that and improved my ability to remember. >> he said a program is working for him. >> reporter: it would do for starts. many appear -- and thunder and amused. >> reporter: he's now able to remember some of the poetry he loves best. >> more likely to remember who it was that said it and what they said it in. yes. >> reporter: i'm dr. jiovenko, fox news. good news for people suffering from migraines. scientists think they found the jeep this triggered them. they believe the so-called tresk gene controls the sensitivity of pain nerves in
5:27 pm
the brain. when the gene doesn't work right, the gene threshhold is low leading to migraine. that could mean the gene could be manipulated to keep people from feeling pain at all. in case haven't heard, maryland is pulling the plug on cell phone chatting behind the we'll error errors. >> are you ready to go hands free? >> navigating the changes that go into effect this week. and an emergency landing in one of the country's biggest airports. the whole thing caught on camera. you will hear from a park aboard this frantic fight. next. 
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 words alone aren't enough. my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel or restaurant workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. our job is to listen and find ways to help. that means working with communities. restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. i know people are wondering-- now that the well is capped, is bp gonna meet its commitments? i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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>> maryland drivers, hang up the cell phone. if you're not hands-free, you're break the law as of this friday. that is when the new law takes effect. sherri ly has more. >> reporter: only 9 states and the district have passed bans on handheld cell phones while driving and maryland's, which takes effect friday, is
5:31 pm
considered the weakest in the nation. on a day with slick roads, driving is dangerous enough and with a cell phone glued to your ear, crashes quadruple, that is one reason why maryland is going hands-free. >> and based on surveys, we found some switched to hands- free phones and overall phone use was still down. >> reporter: the problem is that accidents didn't go down, which is the point of the laws. hands-free drivers admit it's just as risky. >> it's the actual conversation everyone's having that is distracting people from the road. that is what they need to regulate. >> reporter: in every other state and the district, police can stop a car just for violating the cell phone ban. not in maryland. >> i don't understand why you would bother to make a law like. that that is a waste of time for everyone and if you're
5:32 pm
going to make it illegal, make it -- illegal. if not, then don't. >> reporter: it's a secondary offense and means that police must see you doing something wrong first like speeding. 100 for -- 50 for a first offense and 100 for a second and no point unless you're in an accident. >> if you're texting and talking and driving, you're probably doing something else wrong. >> reporter: inn forcing the law can be problematic. people can legally dial and hang up, making it difficult to tell if someone is breaking the law. >> overtime, if a law can't be enforced, compliance will slide. >> reporter: maryland's law bans all texting and driving and up like talking on a cell phone, you don't have to be doing something else wrong for police to pull you over for, iting. >> and we have seen the law take effect and we have seen it in the district. what about virginia? >> reporter: there have been
5:33 pm
proposals. as of now, cell phone use is only banned for those that are younger than 18 and school bus drivers. >> okay, we'll be watching and waiting. thank you very much, sherri ly. and an emergency landing caught on camera. take a look. federal transportation officials are looking into what caused the landing gear on this delta connection flight to malfunction, forcing the plane to make a -- and this is cell phone video from the passenger and you can see the sparks there flying. one of the wings dragging along the tarmac. the flight operated by atlantic southeast airlines is travelling from atlanta to white plains when the pilot discovered the mechanical problems. >> and they kept saying keep your head down, we're going to make an emergency landing. they must have balanced it on one wheel and seized it over to the wing and that is -- he did a great job. i was nervous there for a minute. >> and wow. after landing, the passengers praised the pilot and crew for the actions and fortunately, no
5:34 pm
one was hurt. >> and very close. republicans have been criticism mr. obama's plan. >> the bill helps small businesses in time for term election. >> there you go. >> reporter: president obama puts his signature on the small business jobs act he said will help small businesses in need of cash and hire new employees. >> it's going to cut taxes, going to make more loans available for small businesses. it's a great victory for america's entrip moves -- nurse. >> reporter: the legislation creates a $30 billion fund to expand credit access for small businesses and includes $12 billion in tax cuts. meanwhile, the senate takes up legislation that democrats say will create u.s. jobs and discourage companies from shipping jobs overseas. >> we know we have to do everything to get people back to work. >> reporter: it brings in tax incentives for bringing jobs
5:35 pm
outside of the u.s. among other things, allowing companies to defer paying u.s. tax on income earned overseas until profits are brought back to the u.s. republicans say the measure will do the opposite and push more jobs out of the country and that it will increase taxes. >> let's not, mr. president, give foreign competitors a new edge by raising taxes on american companies that create new american jobs. >> reporter: president obama will host the first in a series of campaign-style rallies in wisconsin and other stops are scheduled in pennsylvania, ohio, and nevada. in washington, craig bosswell, fox news. lindsay might be avoiding jailtime but her trouble is far from over. >> a starlet rocking a new piece of hardway. and can you -- hardware. and taking a death-defying leap. how about doing it more than once or how about a dozen times? the details behind one man's
5:36 pm
record-setting stunt. ich ceys
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>> how about a worldwide competition to see who owns karaoke bragging rights. amateur singers strutted their stuff on the stage for the three-day event and in the end, finland delivered winning the men and women's times. and able american woman finished third. from a russian stage to the skies high over london. a british bungie jumper holds the world record for the most jumps -- jumps in one hour james fields hurled himself from a crane 42 times in 60 minutes and crashed the former
5:40 pm
world record by more than twice as many jobs. his previous high was six jumps an hour and admits to getting disy during this attempt. >> you can imagine doing that? >> i can't. >> i get busy watching them jump. >> and crazy but we're talking about them. and some of you under tornado warnings for part of the afternoon. >> and we hear the wet weather is not done with us yet. how will the rest of the workweek shape up? the full forecast is next. and crystal power sox didn't walk off the -- crystal bowersox didn't walk off the stage a winner. the scoop on that is ahead. 
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>> the cost of going to college is soaring even at a time when families are struggling financially. the most expensive universities are topping out at more than $200,000 for a four-year degree
5:44 pm
and footing the bill can mean more. >> reporter: sending a child to college takes more than good grades and a check and that can mean compromising. >> one of the private institutions i was like set out was my heart to get into. the tuition was so high and i knew that all would not be enough to cover for what i needed. >> reporter: and those costs are rising at an alarming rate. >> overall, the college board is reporting that tuition increases are going up between 4.4 and 6.5% per year. >> reporter: the steep increase is placing a large burden on students in the families and often times costs are enough to easily change their ambitions for higher education. the sallie mae corporation said grants and scholarships cover 23% of tuition and that means more and more are out of pocket. >> the past few years there has
5:45 pm
been a consolidation and if they need to look beyond the government funding, it's not easy. >> when he weighed the $36,000 it would cost to attend penn state against the 8700 to stay home and attend virginia's george mason university, the decision was a clear one. >> for me, finances play a major part in this. in terms of my parent's standpoint, they saw the extreme benefits of how much this year was going to cost compared to a year at another university. >> reporter: college advisers say being open to compromise is good practice but financial advisers warn that parents should be wary about compromising their retirement accounts to pay today's bills.
5:46 pm
>> i discourage it. that is the last place you want to look towards for college funding and obviously there are many years ahead to pay down debt, but to make back your capital, once it's expended on college, much more difficult and you lose that time. >> reporter: boring has been a costly vehicle to a college degree and said it's important to take that into consideration and be open to making adjustments. >> families are being more open today about what they can and can't afford. parents are having frank conversations with their children about college while in high school and before they applied to college and the student knows this is what my family can afford. >> student loan debts are past credit card debts, totaling $850 billion.
5:47 pm
you can learn more about financial aid on www.myfoxdc.comcom and look under web links and scholarships and loans. there is more to determine how much your college is when your child is ready. a lot of water out there. >> and lots of rain out there and we need it. >> we do. >> and despite the, you know, adverse effects. >> and so you know, looks like over the next few weeks, we're going to have good opportunity to bring in a lot of rain. >> oh, great. >> yeah. >> i know we need it. great. >> and that is all i'm going to say about that. it's something and looks like we are going to find ourselves in a water wet pattern now and could last. the next seven days, the next 14 days, too and kind of gray in town. we have had our rain push through. the passing showers and thunderstorms earlier. we had a tornado warning into howard county and no mention of any damage up there or anything
5:48 pm
potentially a tornado. i am sure the weather service will look at it. we haven't had any reported and didn't have flash plaid warnings earlier -- flash flood warnings earlier, too and back to the west of the district, and this is basically where we have been seeing it now the last 45 minutes to an hour and a half and that is a little bit closer to town now and most of this is moving to the north and slightly to the northwest so maybe the whole line is inching its way a little bit over to the east at times and ta mainly this -- and mainly this is going the north-northwest. that is all we're seeing now, but there is a good possibility we're going to see more. let's look at true view and show you why. there is a lot of rain down to the south of us, especially coming up through north carolina and we'll see that on true view. all of this rain coming up, most of this should stay to the east of i-95, okay? looks like there is more
5:49 pm
developing down here, coming out of georgia and closer to the center of low pressure. so, with that all being said, with that much rain to the south, fairly confident in a rainy overnight forecast, and we could have some thunderstorms some of those thunderstorms could be approaching severe limits and temperatures out there right nowia are mile with the warm front to the west of us. 77 in town; gaithersburg, 73; frederick, 75 and look what happens to the west of the warm front. the temperatures drop off a little bit and winchester, 70 degrees and cumberland right now on the extreme western side of the warm front is 64 and some showers and some thunderstorms right on through the evening and temperatures pretty much stuck in the mid- 70s and cooling off a little bit by 11:00 and not much. again, not everybody is getting wet this evening. certainly, a majority of us will be at least under a chance
5:50 pm
of showers and thunderstorms tonight. the flash flood watch is issued and this is for overnight and into early, early tomorrow morning. we do believe that by late tomorrow morning, we're getting drier and we'll see sunshine, it looks like, too, and all the rain is coming on up because of an area of low pressure to the south of us and in the northern section of georgia and that is working along the front. overnight tonight, it looks like we stand, at least our best chance of getting widespread showers and thunderstorms with the potential of some of those showers and storms producing heavy rain and again, all the moisture is coming up from way down south and into the gulf of mexico and it even has a link into the caribbean as well and with that in mind, we could get some very heavy rain out of this overnight tonight and the rain is definitely in place and about 70 degrees or so here in
5:51 pm
up to. so much moisture in the atmosphere and temperatures in the upper 60s and in the lower 70s and tomorrow with sunshine, will warm up into the lower 80s and we stand a chance of a few showers during the morning hours and dry out late this afternoon and looks like we could have a shower here or there and a thunderstorm, too and that looks like most of the rain tomorrow should come before 10:00 a.m. and that looks like we're drying out nicely. most of wednesday is dry with lots of sunshine and thursday is the next day. we think we have a potential of very heavy rain on thursday and it might be in combination with the named tropical system, which would be nicole and there is a lot to look at there. looks like one way or another,
5:52 pm
we get that rain overnight and another chance of heavy rain in that thursday, friday timeframe and we're going from a dry pattern to a wet pattern. >> and saturday looks okay. the weekend looks cooler. high temperatures this weekend in the 60s. >> and that is good football weather. >> exactly. >> yeah, duke versus maryland. >> and they're coming to town. >> that's right. >> and -- >> go. >> yeah. >> and -- >> see what you would do? >> thanks. >> and off camera. >> thank you, gary. thank you, gary, thank you, laura. "american idol" runnerup crystal bowersox is not wasting time. she's engaged to her boyfriend musician brian walker. bowersox and her boyfriend broke up in may hours before the final performance on idol. they plan to get married next month and she is working on her debut album. another twist in the battle
5:53 pm
between mel gibson and his ex and there is now a question about the legality of papers and tell us about the papers and what is the problem with them? >> reporter: there is a couple of different ones and in may of this year, that would allow him to have custody of their child once they turn three years old and she is saying she didn't know what she was signing and that there was another document she signed in may that would allow her to get $15 million that she claims she said and now she's saying she was bullied into signing the papers and didn't know what she was signing, she wants everything to be null and vote for the court and doesn't want any of it to be admitted. >> and this gets uglier by the day. what rights does she have? what is the next step with this? >> litigation is going on and
5:54 pm
of course, her lawyers are saying it's not true and didn't have contact with her. she was aware of what she was signing and this is something the judge is going have to decide. if you the want to admit it, she's going to be on the bad end of this. >> all right. >> and speak of court, lindsay lohan is free again and reunited with a favorite accessory of hers. tell us about that? >> reporter: she has been fitted with the scram bracelet. her third time wearing this and right now, she's obligated to do drug testing and can't have any type of alcohol. we're told that she'll be enlisting in a rehab facility the next few days. now, she said she acknowledges she has a problem and she can't go to clubs anywhere there is alcohol being served and she's going to have to be careful with this before violating probation again. >> thank you very much, we'll look for you guys, tmz here on fox 5. >> and thank you. >> a special treat for greenday
5:55 pm
fans. the front man billy joe armstrong is make hug his broadway debut. he'll be joining the cast of american idiots, the musical he helped create based on the band's 2004 album and he'll play the character saint jimmy, a drug dealer and he'll be in eight of the shows tomorrow and he's leaving down to kick off green day's south america amateur. coming up, a jury rules cathy lanier violates the district's whistleblower act. why the decision is putting the fraternal order of police against the city's attorney general. and new developments in that chandra levy case. and are aliens monitoring our nukes? ex-airforce officers make controversial claims. it's coming up tonight on the news edge at 6.
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>> tips of thousands of people turned out to sent a run honoring a firefighter who died in the 9/11 attacks. the race began on sundaa on the brooklyn side and wrapped up at the site of the former with the and you can see here that firefighters are running the race in full gear o. 9/11, firefighter steven siller was killed as he ran that same distance with heavy equipment trying to save lives. the run has raised more than seven million dollars for various charities since beginning. thank you for joining us at 5. thage in 6 starts right now. we begin the news edge with a weather alert and a flash flood watch is in effect and sue palka is in the weather center with what we can expect tonight. >> and looks like another big batch of rain isin


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